Targeting outcomes requires thinking a little differently.

Our Approach

At Harbour Reach, we target specific investment outcomes for individuals and families. Achieving those objectives requires a sophisticated understanding of risk management.

We use a combination of asset allocation and implementation techniques to build portfolios, measuring success in Australian dollars and on a tax-aware basis.

Investment Strategy

Top-down, forward-looking, asset allocation research for investment committees, managed account operators and advisers.

Investment Consulting

Building on our Strategy research, we customise investment offerings for advice firms. We can provide expert participation in investment committees, APL support, client reporting content, and business management guidance.
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Toby Lewis CFA, FRM, GAICD

Toby founded Harbour Reach in 2018 to provide the services required to run a successful advice business based on outcome-oriented investing. He has more than 20yrs experience in investment research, strategy and portfolio management.


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